About Me

I seek opportunities to help people be the catalyst for change, particularly in global health.

Health Policy Technologist

Transforming global health policy with tech-driven insights, fostering evidence-based reforms for digital integration.

Evidence-Based Global Health Strategist

Pioneering international health research with a data-driven approach, leveraging multidisciplinary methods to uncover insights and shape sustainable global health strategies.

Experienced Multilingual Researcher

Harnessing linguistic fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish to conduct comprehensive health policy and economic research, effectively communicating complex findings and fostering international collaboration in diverse cultural settings.

Collaborative Project Leader

Spearheading high-impact initiatives across global health landscapes, adept at uniting interdisciplinary teams and aligning stakeholder objectives to drive project success and deliver sustainable health solutions.

Health Communications Advisor

Strategically guiding global thought leadership and shaping public perception through media relations and communications.

As an adept global health specialist with a robust background in international relations, I am deeply committed to closing the healthcare access gap, whether in bustling urban centers or remote developing regions. I am currently pursuing my third master’s degree, an MBA in Healthcare Management, Innovation, and Technology, at Johns Hopkins University, furthering my commitment to spearheading transformative changes in healthcare.

Previously, I earned a Master of Science in Global Health from Georgetown University, specializing in Health Financing, and a Master of Science in International Relations from Liberty University, focusing on Public Administration and Economic Development. These advanced degrees have given me a nuanced understanding of health policy frameworks and the financial mechanisms vital to enhancing global health systems.

My professional journey includes collaborating on 13 high-impact research projects for Fortune 500 companies, top pharmaceuticals, and the U.S. government, authoring over 20 research deliverables. Topics include health technology, digital health, oncology, digital health medical tourism, and health technology ecosystems. The COVID-19 global pandemic has clearly shown us that policy research is critical to understanding the impacts of health responses in health systems. I believe medical technology plays a significant role in revolutionizing community health systems, including strides to advance electronic health records and artificial intelligence. These initiatives have allowed me to engage with over 100 world-renowned health and technology experts and C-suite executives, achieving over 5 million online impressions and catalyzing wide-reaching influence in global health discussions.

In a practical healthcare setting, I have strategically managed and evaluated four patient-focused programs at a major Primary Health Care Clinic, significantly enhancing the well-being of over 100 employees and serving a community of 20,000+ patients. My operational expertise also extends to managing a $6 million inventory, where I implemented efficiencies that saved $160,000 in one year through successful collaborations with more than seven multinational medical companies, thus enhancing both equipment quality and operational efficiency.

Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, I bring a versatile communication skill set, essential for collaborative global health initiatives and for connecting with diverse populations. My work is guided by my foundational values of integrity, loyalty, compassion, and teamwork. These principles underpin my professional engagements, where I strive not only to meet but to set higher standards in improving global health outcomes.

My ambition is to leverage this blend of skills, experiences, and advanced education to further innovate and advocate for equitable health solutions globally, ensuring that every community has the knowledge and resources to achieve better health and well-being.