About Me

I seek opportunities to help people be the catalyst for change, particularly in global health.


Multisector and cross-disciplinary background that brings a fresh perspective.


A resourceful and high-performing contributor, team player, and leader that welcomes innovative solutions.


Multilingual and multicultural experiences across multinational organizations in various countries.

With a background in International Relations and Global Health, I have seen the healthcare access gap between industrial cities and developing countries around the world and the rich and poor here at home. At the intersection of these firsthand accounts, I found a calling to global health and a passion to not only save lives but improve them.

My goal is to have a positive impact on the field of global health by empowering people around the world with the skills and knowledge to improve their lives and their communities.

I value integrity, loyalty, compassion, kindness, emotional intelligence, resiliency, and teamwork above all accomplishments. You can expect me to follow these core principles as a professional, student and coworker.